Progress is defined as: advancement, development forward motion toward a set goal. I have never met anyone who worked hard all week long desiring to be in a worse condition financially at the end of the week. We put forth effort in an attempt to make progress, to advance or to reach our goal.
Understand that God is interested in your progress. His plan for you includes advancement. He wants to develop your skills and abilities to continually increase your level in life.
In the book of Genesis, chapter twenty-six, the Bible tells us of a man called Isaac who was experiencing a time of famine. God instructed Isaac to stay in the place of famine. In the place of lack and despair, God blessed Isaac until verse thirteen says, “And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great.”
Recognize that this indicates a process of growth. He sowed and as a result increased until he grew into the place God had in mind.
In Matthew 13:32, Jesus teaches us that the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed. He explains that when this seed is sown or planted, although it was the least, it will grow to become the greatest. There is unlimited potential in our lives, because the potential of God’s Word is without limits. This is the process of progress.
God has provided the seed of His Word to be our vehicle of progress. Just like Isaac, we can sow and increase. We can grow into the position that God has in mind. But, we will only succeed to the extent of the Word that is operating in our lives.
First, obey the direction or instruction of God for your life. Obedience to the Word will always produce the blessing. God instructed Isaac not to go down to Egypt but to hold his ground. We have to stand our ground and be in position for the blessing to work.
Secondly, sow the Word into the ground of your heart. The Word will cause you to change. It will produce the life of God in every area of your existence. Every promise is a seed of progress.
Isaac waxed great, went forward and grew until he became what God had promised. If you keep growing, you will become everything that God promised. Hold you ground! Plant your progress and come into being everything that God promised! You can learn how to protect your progress with my 4-part CD series entitled “Protecting Your Progress.” Visit my webstore to find out more.

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