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How many believers are seeking happiness? In my own life, I have made futile endeavors and attempts to find happiness that only ended in frustration.

Maybe you have thought, “If I had a nicer car, I would be happy.” Or, “If I had a different job, I would be happy.”

Happiness is not what we are really looking for. Joy is the thing that will fill that space in our life. The joy that God supplies is a spiritual force. It becomes the strength of the believer to provide stamina, endurance and victory.

Things can’t bring you joy. Situations can’t produce joy. But the great thing is that situations can’t steal your joy either. Things or the lack of things can’t affect your joy.

Joy is a fruit of the spirit. It is produced in your heart by the Word of God and the presence of His abiding Spirit. Go after joy and maintain the strength in your heart!

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