I have made a quality decision for my future. I choose to refuse to doubt! On this road toward my destiny, the pitfall that has caused the greatest delay in my progress is doubt.

As a pastor and Bible teacher, I should have seen it coming. I should have had my faith shield firmly clutched in my grasp. Instead, I found my attention being diverted by the dilemma. It wasn’t a sudden circumstance that captured my focus. It was like a slow, gradual fade until the light of faith was gone and the shadow of despair was surrounding me.

Then, life seemed difficult. Life without faith is limited to sense knowledge, will power and toiling. I tried to make good decisions. I tried to be responsible. I discovered that being reasonable was pulling me farther away from my purpose.

God spoke to my heart in the midst of my toiling and struggle. He pointed out that in the New Testament the emphasis for the believer was not placed on struggle or toiling. The emphasis is on believing. I began to look at Jesus, my example. He never dealt with obstacles or situations with natural forces. He used His faith!

I returned to the verses that I started my journey with some twenty years ago. I pulled out Mark 11:23 and realized that doubt is a verb! Jesus said to have faith. Then, He said “Don’t doubt!”

I looked up the word “doubt” and discovered it means, to withdraw from, to oppose, to stagger, to separate. Just like Peter, who took his focus from the Word to the waves, I took my eyes from the promise to the problem! I withdrew from believing. I was separated from confidence. I staggered like the unstable believer described in the book of James.

When you stagger, you lose your footing. You lose your balance! You lose the ground that you have gained.

No more! Doubt is an action that I can avoid. You can avoid doubt, too. Make the choice today! No more doubt!

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