Michelle Steele Ministries is dedicated to helping people find freedom in Jesus Christ and live in the power of God’s Word. Michelle Steele embraces every opportunity to point people to Jesus, using her teachings, books, podcasts, and TV broadcasts to bring hope and direction to people across the world.

We pray that you will find answers to help you as you utilize the resources provided on this website. Let the Lord minister His hope, strength, and refreshing as you enjoy the stories, articles, podcasts, and videos designed to enlighten your path. Psalm 119:105 (BBE) says, “Your word is a light for my feet, ever shining on my way.”

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Michelle Steele

Motivating…Transparent…An encouragement to the hopeless…This is how many describe author and Bible teacher—Michelle Steele.Michelle teaches the biblical principles of faith and inspires people to reach beyond their personal limitations. Through personal stories and solid teaching, Michelle will build your faith in the Word of God and teach you how to overcome life’s toughest trials. As a drug addict, prostitute, and hopeless woman, Michelle accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1992. Step by step, God has restored and rebuilt her life. Today, she ministers across the nation, helping others to find their NEW LIFE in Christ.

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A True Story of God’s Miraculous Power
to Restore a Life Bent on Destruction

“… Blood dripped from my arm, cold rain pelted my face. I stood bewildered in the middle of the street. As I shivered in fright, I realized I went to Hell, and Hell was real. Darkness encircled me on every side. Suddenly, an enormous skull loomed in front of me. Hands reached from the darkness to draw me into death …” 

In Escaping Hell, Michelle shares the shocking tale of how one bad choice after another led her from a happy childhood in an affluent family down a self-destructive path to become a prostitute, junkie, and criminal. Yet even more captivating is the story of how Jesus’ miracle-working power transformed her into the wife, mother, and pastor she is today. 

Michelle tells how Jesus took her from death to victorious life, and how He can do the same for you. 

The Walk of Faith
Faith Concepts

The Walk of Faith

The Lord has given us every advantage! We are born of God with His Holy Spirit as our constant guide. We are equipped with the authority in Jesus’ name, the ability to receive from the Father, and God’s Word as a sword to defend and advance. Yet, many people struggle in their Christian walk! Why?…