Redeemed and Righteous
by Nature!

Special New Release Price of $15.99! Pastor Michelle's newest book, Redeemed and Righteous by Nature!

This book is volume 1 of the Our Being In Christ Series! When a person is born again, they are recreated in Christ Jesus. The new life is so dramatically different and this book is desinged to help you understand who you are in Christ and all that comes with it. 
Faith For The Family

This months free offer from Pastor Michelle is Faith For The Family!

This CD series will build your faith for your family. Pastor Michelle's teaching will help you learn how to pray for your family as well as core strenths to stand against the enemy where your family is concerned.

Who is Pastor Michelle Steele?

Pastor Michelle Steele is a walking example of the love of God manifested. Through many difficulties and decisions that led to drug addiction, prostitution, and a life of sin, God delivered her and completely set her free! Now a Pastor, Author, Public Speaker, and Television host, Pastor Michelle wants you to experience the freedom and love of God in your life...