The Bible says in Hebrews 11 that Sarah received “strength to conceive.” There was a time when Sarah didn’t have the strength or ability to conceive. As a matter of fact, she spent most of her life in this condition of inability. But, Sarah received what she didn’t have the capacity to do in herself when she considered God to be “faithful”.
What is it that you don’t have the strength to conceive? Maybe you don’t have the financial strength to pay all of your bills. Perhaps, you don’t have the physical strength to conceive your healing. You can receive what you don’t currently have when you meditate upon God and His faithfulness.
Focusing on God’s ability and His willingness to work in your life will cause you to perceive the situation differently. Just like David, who had a different outlook as Goliath made his threats, you can see every thing with the Lord God Almighty as the greatest factor of the equation. Consider Jesus, His blood that speaks for you, his Name that belongs to you and His Word that works in your favor!

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