I am super excited about the interviews I had with Annette Capps about her new book, The Spirit of Prophecy: A Portal to the Presence and Power of God. While the book is filled with scriptural insight into the moving and flow of the Spirit of God, it is also filled with her personal testimony, beginning with the supernatural events around her being filled with the Holy Spirit as a child and the extraordinary manifestation of the Spirit she experienced in her teenage years. 

In the interview, she shared personal stories and explained what she learned about the moving of the Spirit of God in the early days of her ministry. We took four weeks to emphasize and expound on the stories and teachings as the Lord led us through each section of the interview. The anointing is strong in every program that we filmed!

As a pastor of a local church, I am thrilled to have a tool that can help our congregation embrace and yield to the supernatural flows of the Spirit of God. It is a SOUND teaching that will help God’s people move accurately with the supernatural gifts. I encourage every pastor to provide one for your staff members, teach the truths and principles to your congregation, and study it for yourself. 

In addition to the personal examples, stories, and insight, Annette has included a collection of prophecies given by her father, Charles Capps, as he ministered in his meetings. They date back to 1978, and many of these prophecies have never been published. What a treasure! 

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