My testimony launched nationwide through Harrison House Publishers on September 20, 2022! 

Escaping Hell: A True Story of God’s Power to Restore a Life Bent on Destruction. This book details how God rescued me from a life of crime and addiction. Also, I have included the five fundamental things that the Lord taught me to bring me to where I am today. Please unite your faith with ours that this story will saturate our nation with hope, pointing people to Jesus as the One who can restore their lives.

August 10 of 2022 marked 30 years of salvation, liberty, and FREEDOM!

The vision that the Lord gave me years ago is coming to pass! Let me explain. Some years after I was saved, the Lord showed me a supernatural vision. I went up for prayer in a church service and went out in the spirit! There was a multitude of people who were restless and anxious. They were crowded together, and there was a sense of unrest stirring among them. I stood on a small platform slightly above the crowd, dressed in tattered garments. I wasn’t ashamed of the way I was dressed. Instead, I lifted my voice and began to explain what had happened to the clothes I was wearing. I explained my tattered garments until I had the attention of the people. Then, I pointed them to Jesus, who stood positioned on a high pedestal of honor, shining with a brilliant glowing light. Time after time, I displayed my torn and tattered garments and pointed people to Jesus. 

My friend, I believe people are going to see Jesus and accept His salvation as they read and hear my story. I believe multitudes are coming to Jesus Christ through this ministry, and you are a great part of that harvest. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and generous giving. We have the BEST partners! Thank you!

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