We are one month away from the launch of one of the most impactful tools in our ministry: “Intervention Prayers: Supernatural Help and Hope for Those Who Need God’s Rescue,” which officially launches on May 7th!

In the pages of this book, you will find answers. You will learn how to resist and how to use your faith and authority as spiritual weapons. With four weeks of faith, divided into daily doses of God’s Word, you will find direction and focus to pray with purpose. Each week begins with a testimony to jumpstart your faith in God’s willingness to save, followed by daily teaching with vital keys to unlocking the lifesaving assistance your loved one needs.

The prayers are packed with God’s Word and designed to show you how to structure your petitions in line with God’s will. Specific verses are strategically placed at the end of each daily concept so you can turn your attention away from the circumstantial evidence and focus on the proof of God’s faithfulness. Let the prayers found in this book help you to jump-start your conversation and petitions to God. In other words, let these prayers get you started, but continue on your own, finding verses that the Holy Spirit leads you to use and dealing with specific situations that your loved one is facing.

This is not the type of book you read once and set it on the shelf. When you finish the book, after applying the concepts and releasing your faith in prayer, you will want to start over. As you do, you will gain practice with the concepts you have learned. You will strengthen the foundation that was established with the first read-through. 

You can be among the first to get your hands on this timely tool! Click here to preorder!

Be sure to watch in the days to come. I will be hosting some YouTube Live and Facebook live events, sharing details about some of the vital information you will find in Intervention Prayers: Supernatural Help and Hope for Those Who Need God’s Rescue.”

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