Faith for Your Family

Prayers and Confessions for your family!

God provides strength and ability for us to rise above the storms of life and experience His covenant help in our everyday circumstances. In Isaiah 40:31, God promises us that our strength will not be depleted. God will renew our strength! When the Lord says that we will rise up with wings like the eagle, it brings to my mind the eagle climbing in altitude above the storm. 

This prayer devotion is designed to strengthen you as you stand for someone you live to be free. I want you to use these prayers and confessions as an encouragement, a toll and a supplement. 
God has a specific plan to lead your loved one to liberty!

It's Time for an Intervention!

from Intervention Prayers
by Pastor Michelle Steele

Say this:
     Father God, I am calling for help in Jesus' name. I am coming to You because someone I love needs Your help. ___________ is in a bondage that is destroying his/her life. Only you have the power to set them free from this destruction. 
     You are fully aware of everything in this situation. You know even the things done in secret. I know I don't have to tell You the details. You instruct me in Your Word to ask you. You teach me in Your Word to seek Your face. I am calling on the name of my Savior Jesus Christ to intervene in this situation. I am calling on the authority in that name to stop the destruction and release ___________ from all bondage. 
     I open my heart to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I want to be an instrument in your hands to administer the life-saving treatment. I want to take the spiritual action to enforce my covenant and see Your salvation manifest in __________'s life. 
     I will not panic. I will trust you. I ask you to cover __________ with Your mercy and protection. Guard him/her against the dangers of the lifestyle he/she is living. I ask for angels to be commissioned to guard him/her against all tragedy. 
     I claim salvation for ___________. Your Word declares if I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I will be saved and my family too. I stand on that promise! I believe I will see the goodness of God in ____________'s life. 
     If someone you love is addicted to drugs, wasting away with an eating disorder or under bondage to any lifestyle that is threatening to take their life, you can set up an intervention!

     This prayer devotional is full of inspiration and instruction to help you pray for someone you love. Your prayers are tools and instruments of intervention that God will utilize to open a hardened heart.

     Let Michelle Steele encourage you with life-saving faith to change your situation. It is time for an intervention!

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